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Together, our mission is restore opportunity into young adults by providing them with the tools of leadership, self-empowerment and conflict resolution to unlock their hidden potential through mentoring services. We believe in our youth!

You can help now by donating a charitable fee to our youth development programs! Your donation empowers us to continue our work.

Darius Pettway LIFE SKOOL is unique in that we specifically work with students at the greatest risk of entering the juvenile justice system. This is identified through involvement in the school discipline system. The average LIFE SKOOL students come from socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods, single-parent homes, and cultures of hardship, often resulting in maladaptive behaviors based on survival and antisocial tendencies. Students such as these are more likely to face more severe punishments at school than their white, upper-middle-class counterparts. Statistically, this increases their potential involvement in the juvenile justice system and eventually the adult judicial system. LIFE SKOOL aims to disrupt this cycle through our core values which are family, career and environment. It cost approximately 69,000 to effectively run and implement DP LIFE SKOOL MENTORING PROGRAM in a public-school setting.

  • A gift of $1,380 funds one year of LIFE SKOOL Mentoring Program for one at-risk youth
  • $690 funds six months of LIFE SKOOL Mentoring Program for one at-risk youth
  • $345 funds three months of LIFE SKOOL Mentoring Program for one at-risk youth
  • $100 will pay for LIFE SKOOL Mentoring Program Graduation & Reception at one school
  • $50 will help with classroom snacks for students and materials for LIFE SKOOL PROGRAM ADVISORS

Please consider a generous donation… Thanks for helping our students reach their full potential.




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