Unlocking Your Hidden Leadership Potential Workbook (Students Guide)



Unlocking Your Leadership Potential Workbook is a complete, step-by-step guide to leadership development that provides a tangible, clear path for young people to become sparks in their communities, schools, family and in the lives of their peers. Not only for teens and college students, this practical guidebook also speaks to recent graduates and young adults who are still seeking their purpose of existence or simply need guidance on how to make a difference where they are in life using and developing the tools given at birth.

This Leadership Workbook will guide you through the process of self-discovery as you birth your new mindset to live the life that was created for you.  After this workbook students will be able to but not limited to…


– Discover leadership style that ignites self-discovery

– Limit excuses while countering pain and limitations as motivation

– Develop a personal call to action plan to discover life purpose

– Take command of personal career options to blaze a trail for the next generation of leaders

– How to earn the trust of those that are influenced by the vision of the leader

– Master what is important for legacy

-Learn what character represents and why it is essential to every human

-Define key terms of leadership

-Be inspired to unlock full potential!


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